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Jonathan Sanger is a great human being and a great producer.  I loved working with Jonathan on The Elephant Man

David Lynch

Working with Jonathan Sanger on Flight of the Navigator was one of the most pleasant experiences I've had.  He is a creative producer who understands the needs of a director, because he has directed films himself.  His understanding of the process allows him to know exactly when to be supportive and when to guide the creative process with excellent suggestions.  I want to work with him again.

Randal Kleiser

I was lucky enough to meet Jonathan whilst trying to set up a movie about the 1930s/40s actress Frances Farmer.   I had Jessica Lange committed, he had a screenplay in development with Brooksfilm where he was completing post production on the Elephant Man.

So began the most productive and pleasant collaboration of my career.    Jon and I worked happily and effortlessly together and his skill as a producer was evident right from the start.    To a director he is supportive and reassuring, as he is to the cast and crew, and he handles the business side with authority.    I never felt that any element of the process was being neglected.    He has excellent casting and crewing ideas and his overall creative input was invaluable to me.

Not surprisingly, during the course of making a movie things change.    It is a very organic process.    The mark of a good producer is if he can quickly switch gears to accommodate the new situation and at the same time, make it look easy!!    Jonathan is a master of this.    I never felt apprehension about asking for a new piece of equipment, different props, a scene rewrite, even a schedule change………whatever cropped up was handled efficiently and with assurance.   This is vitally important as it makes the director, actors and crew feel secure and confident.   And believe me, a happy cast and crew makes for a better movie!

I remember some tough days when Jessica was doing scenes with the psychiatrist at the mental institution.   The results were brilliant, but they came at a price.   It was emotionally draining for Jessica, and one night I decided to stop shooting early to allow her to go home and rest.   This put more work on to the following days and necessitated a juggling of the week’s schedule.   Many producers would ask to cut something from the script to make it work…….a director’s nightmare!!    But not Jonathan.   Never even suggested it.   And the film benefitted enormously as a result.

Frances was my first feature film, and I can honestly say it was the best filmmaking experience I have ever had.   I was spoiled the first time out of the gate!    I have directed films, TV movies and series since then, and worked with many very good producers, but the overall experience I had with Jonathan has never been equaled.   We have not worked together since that time, but are currently trying to rectify that.   I sincerely hope we get the chance again.

Graeme Clifford